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Myosoton aquaticum

Nicandra physalodes

Nerine bowdenii

Narthecium ossifragum

Narcissus obvallaris


Information for webmasters
FloralImages welcomes inward links as would be expected but there are aspects of the site design that need to be taken into account.

The pages in FloralImages are changed regularly as the site is rebuilt from its master database. Do not link directly to any pages except as below:
Links to the site should either be to the index page, to a specific image as described below or to a prime page for a species. Prime pages are named as page.php?taxon=brassica_rapa,1 using the latin name in the parameter and are the first page for a species. Sub-species have their own prime page (eg arenaria_serpyllifolia_subsp_serpyllifolia,1) but forms and variants are only included in the sequence of species or sub-species images and should be linked to for a specific picture as below.

Links to a specific image should use the php page at https://www.floralimages.co.uk/php/picfind.php?pic=0x1e40 where the passed parameter should be the hex value of the picture ID which is obtained by clicking on the Enquiry / Feedback link next to the picture in FloralImages.

Do not link directly to the images themselves in a subdirectory.

Under the Creative Commons Licence applied to the site all images may be used unchanged for non-commercial purposes. They may not be cropped or resized if you use them on your website. (If you wish to do this please ask for a master copy of the image to work on - the jpeg images on the site are not suitable for further manipulation.) Acknowledgment (© www.floralimages.co.uk) and a link back to the site are a requirement of the Creative Commons Licence.

You should host the image on your own servers for use under the Creative Commons Licence.


Contact details
John Crellin

Floral Images, Hay-on-Wye, UK

Limitations of the above.

Images are deleted from time to time as newer, better ones are added to the site and the image link described above will then no longer work. It is expected that this will be unlikely for images chosen as links, however.

If the species name of a plant / flower changes for any reason (eg my blunder !) then the prime page described above will disappear. However, this calls into question the original link in any case and cannot be helped.

In each case the link will be redirected to the site index.

Myriophyllum spicatum

Nepeta x faassenii

Nuphar lutea

Rumex rupestris

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