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Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus fluitans

Romulea columnae

Ononis reclinata


New Flora of the British Isles, Third edition, Clive Stace
Cambridge University Press 2010 ISBN 978-0-521-70772-5 (now in athird revised edition)
This new edition of the standard work for UK and Ireland botany has several major changes which I have followed (within the limitations of my interpretation) in the same way that I followed previous editions. In the British Isles this is generally accepted by bodies such as the Botanical Society of the British Isles and the Botanical Records Centre. The various supporting files produced by these bodies are invaluable to what I do and I am grateful for these resources. Errors omissions and blunders on FloralImages are though all down to me.
Why ?
The name and family changes you will see on the website are largely due to incorporation of the new molecular system (APG III) of classification at family and genus levels. Follow the link if you wish to understand more !
Implications for FloralImages

I have attempted as best I can as a very amateur botanist to implement the changes in Stace faithfully. Inevitably I will have made mistakes. Please bear with me on these and, if you have time and spot one, let me know via the contact page.

The old species name as in the second edition of Stace should always be included on the page for a species in brackets after the new botanical name. Families are treated similarly where they have changed. The old specific names should still get you to the right page from the Latin index. In addition even older names that pre-dated the Edition 2 name are sometimes included where they are still commonly found in books (this is certainly incomplete however).

Orders and Classes

I have followed the higher taxonomical classification used in Edition 3 including the use of "informal classes" as I believe these are helpful but, as Stace says, there is still too much uncertainly at this level for a fully consistent classification. I may have muddied this slightly buy including the orders and "classes" of non-plant species featured on Floralimages adopting as close a consistency as I can perceive and classifying broadly into 6 kingdoms (of which I have only ever photographed four !)


Contact details
John Crellin

Floral Images, Hay-on-Wye, UK

Tragopogon porrifolius

Torilis japonica

Tofieldia pusilla

Ophrys sphegodes

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