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Helianthemum apenninum

Hippocrepis comosa

Hypericum androsaemum


Why I don't allow you to resize or crop the images downloaded from the website.

The images displayed on the FloralImages pages are saved as JPEG compressed files with the lowest "quality" setting I can get away with without compromising the perceived quality of the image.

JPEG is a "lossy" file saving format meaning that every time you save a file more artifacts and blemishes due to the compression are introduced and it is very unwise to save again an image that has already been saved once at a low quality For all practical purposes JPEG images saved at the maximum quality setting (12 in Photoshop) can be saved again several times without noticeable deterioration. So, if you do wish to resize or crop my images for your use, then please ask me to send high quality JPEG files larger than the size you will ultimately want. That way the quality of the images is not compromised.

When you have the image resized and cropped as you wish then do a final save at a JPEG compression of 7 or thereabouts to create a file that will download reasonably quickly from your website.

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John Crellin

Floral Images, Hay-on-Wye, UK

Honckenya peploides

Hypericum humifusum

Iris foetidissima


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