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Urophora cardui
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Canada thistle gall fly

Insecta (Insects)
Family: Tephritidae
Near Banbury

This is a gall of Creeping Thistle caused by a gall fly Urophora cardui which causes a fleshy swelling of up to 10 x 3 cm. Inside are one of more chambers each with a gall fly larva. The gall is actually a swelling of the stem tissue and it may have little bits of thistle leaf growing out the top. (Information from Heather Colls).

(The common name is misleading - this is European.)
Wikipedia entry]
27 August 2013
Category: Wild-growing plants and fungi of the British Isles

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Photographer: Sue Goodhead

About the picture:
27/08/2013 17:28:22
1/60 sec - F/4
Sensitivity: ISO 125
Light value: 9.6

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