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Ganoderma sp.
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Basidiomycetes (Spore dropping fungi)
Family: Ganodermataceae
Near Lawers, Loch Tay.

Growing on a very old, and not quite dead, Rowan.

Jerry Ross provided the species ID - I had got as far as the genus (and not too sure of myself at thatů)

But Neil Mahler ((neilmahler)) says:

It is not possible to correctly ID a Ganoderma australe from applanatum by appearances alone, nor indeed by the presence of any nipple galls (which do occur on both - confirmed during BMS foray to Suffolk 2009) A vertical section must be cut out and scrutinised or else simply check the spore size under a microscope.
In general, G. applanatum tend to be thinner, but it can be the other way around with australe being thinner.
07 July 2008
Category: Wild-growing plants and fungi of the British Isles

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Photographer: J R Crellin

About the picture:
07/07/2008 17:22:42
1/40 sec - F/7.1
Lens: 60mm f/2.8 D
Sensitivity: ISO 800
Depth of field: 0.07 m (0.96 - 1.04)
Light value: 8.0

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