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Eutrema japonicum
This picture shows: inflorescence, flower, fruit  
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Japanese horseradish

Eu-dicots (True dicotyledons)
Family: Brassicaceae

The plant grows naturally along stream beds in mountain river valleys in Japan. The two main cultivars in the marketplace are E. japonicum 'Daruma' and 'Mazuma', but there are many others.
27 December 2018
Category: Cultivated plants

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Photographer: J R Crellin

About the picture:
27/12/2018 12:49:28
1/30 sec - F/13
Focal Length: 85mm
Lens: 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 G VR
Sensitivity: ISO 800
Depth of field: 0.012 m (0.370 - 0.382 m)
Light value: 9.3

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