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Annual, biennual or perennial ?
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Adonis annua to Bidens tripartita Annual, Adonis annua to Annual, Bidens tripartita
Bidens tripartita to Chenopodium murale Annual, Bidens tripartita to Annual, Chenopodium murale
Chenopodium murale to Erophila glabrescens Annual, Chenopodium murale to Annual, Erophila glabrescens
Erophila glabrescens to Galeopsis angustifolia Annual, Erophila glabrescens to Annual, Galeopsis angustifolia
Galeopsis angustifolia to Illecebrum verticillatum Annual, Galeopsis angustifolia to Annual, Illecebrum verticillatum
Illecebrum verticillatum to Malva neglecta Annual, Illecebrum verticillatum to Annual, Malva neglecta
Malva neglecta to Odontites vernus Annual, Malva neglecta to Annual, Odontites vernus
Odontites vernus to Ranunculus omiophyllus Annual, Odontites vernus to Annual, Ranunculus omiophyllus
Ranunculus omiophyllus to Senecio vulgaris Annual, Ranunculus omiophyllus to Annual, Senecio vulgaris
Senecio vulgaris to Trifolium campestre Annual, Senecio vulgaris to Annual, Trifolium campestre
Trifolium campestre to Vulpia fasciculata Annual, Trifolium campestre to Annual, Vulpia fasciculata
Alliaria petiolata to Crepis vesicaria Biennial, Alliaria petiolata to Biennial, Crepis vesicaria
Daucus carota to Melilotus altissimus Biennial, Daucus carota to Biennial, Melilotus altissimus
Melilotus altissimus to Verbascum virgatum Biennial, Melilotus altissimus to Biennial, Verbascum virgatum
Acer campestre to Allium cepa Perennial, Acer campestre to Perennial, Allium cepa
Allium cepa to Anthyllis vulneraria Perennial, Allium cepa to Perennial, Anthyllis vulneraria
Anthyllis vulneraria to Asplenium viride Perennial, Anthyllis vulneraria to Perennial, Asplenium viride
Asplenium viride to Brassica oleracea Perennial, Asplenium viride to Perennial, Brassica oleracea
Brassica oleracea to Carex arenaria Perennial, Brassica oleracea to Perennial, Carex arenaria
Carex caryophyllea to Carex sylvatica Perennial, Carex caryophyllea to Perennial, Carex sylvatica
Carex sylvatica to Chelidonium majus Perennial, Carex sylvatica to Perennial, Chelidonium majus
Chelidonium majus to Convolvulus arvensis Perennial, Chelidonium majus to Perennial, Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus arvensis to Dactylorhiza fuchsii Perennial, Convolvulus arvensis to Perennial, Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Dactylorhiza fuchsii to Dryopteris carthusiana Perennial, Dactylorhiza fuchsii to Perennial, Dryopteris carthusiana
Dryopteris carthusiana to Epipactis leptochila Perennial, Dryopteris carthusiana to Perennial, Epipactis leptochila
Epipactis leptochila to Eryngium campestre Perennial, Epipactis leptochila to Perennial, Eryngium campestre
Eryngium campestre to Fraxinus excelsior Perennial, Eryngium campestre to Perennial, Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus excelsior to Geranium sylvaticum Perennial, Fraxinus excelsior to Perennial, Geranium sylvaticum
Geranium sylvaticum to Helleborus viridis Perennial, Geranium sylvaticum to Perennial, Helleborus viridis
Helleborus viridis to Hypericum humifusum Perennial, Helleborus viridis to Perennial, Hypericum humifusum
Hypericum humifusum to Juncus squarrosus Perennial, Hypericum humifusum to Perennial, Juncus squarrosus
Juncus squarrosus to Lemna minuta Perennial, Juncus squarrosus to Perennial, Lemna minuta
Lemna minuta to Littorella uniflora Perennial, Lemna minuta to Perennial, Littorella uniflora
Littorella uniflora to Lythrum salicaria Perennial, Littorella uniflora to Perennial, Lythrum salicaria
Lythrum salicaria to Myosotis scorpioides Perennial, Lythrum salicaria to Perennial, Myosotis scorpioides
Myosotis scorpioides to Oenanthe pimpinelloides Perennial, Myosotis scorpioides to Perennial, Oenanthe pimpinelloides
Oenanthe pimpinelloides to Osmunda regalis Perennial, Oenanthe pimpinelloides to Perennial, Osmunda regalis
Osmunda regalis to Pilularia globulifera Perennial, Osmunda regalis to Perennial, Pilularia globulifera
Pilularia globulifera to Polypodium cambricum Perennial, Pilularia globulifera to Perennial, Polypodium cambricum
Polypodium cambricum to Primula veris Perennial, Polypodium cambricum to Perennial, Primula veris
Primula veris to Ranunculus auricomus Perennial, Primula veris to Perennial, Ranunculus auricomus
Ranunculus auricomus to Rosa stylosa Perennial, Ranunculus auricomus to Perennial, Rosa stylosa
Rosa stylosa to Salix cinerea Perennial, Rosa stylosa to Perennial, Salix cinerea
Salix cinerea to Scabiosa columbaria Perennial, Salix cinerea to Perennial, Scabiosa columbaria
Scabiosa columbaria to Senecio sarracenicus Perennial, Scabiosa columbaria to Perennial, Senecio sarracenicus
Senecio sarracenicus to Sorbus rupicola Perennial, Senecio sarracenicus to Perennial, Sorbus rupicola
Sorbus rupicola to Taraxacum agg. Perennial, Sorbus rupicola to Perennial, Taraxacum agg.
Taraxacum agg. to Trifolium pratense Perennial, Taraxacum agg. to Perennial, Trifolium pratense
Trifolium pratense to Valeriana pyrenaica Perennial, Trifolium pratense to Perennial, Valeriana pyrenaica
Verbena officinalis to Viola reichenbachiana Perennial, Verbena officinalis to Perennial, Viola reichenbachiana
Viola reichenbachiana to Zostera marina Perennial, Viola reichenbachiana to Perennial, Zostera marina