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Blue flowers
Aconitum napellus to Lavandula angustifolia Blue flowers, Aconitum napellus to Blue flowers, Lavandula angustifolia
Limonium vulgare to Symphytum x hidcotense Blue flowers, Limonium vulgare to Blue flowers, Symphytum x hidcotense
Veronica arvensis to Viola tricolor Blue flowers, Veronica arvensis to Blue flowers, Viola tricolor
Brown flowers
Arrhenatherum elatius to Fritillaria meleagris Brown flowers, Arrhenatherum elatius to Brown flowers, Fritillaria meleagris
Fritillaria pyrenaica to Sanguisorba officinalis Brown flowers, Fritillaria pyrenaica to Brown flowers, Sanguisorba officinalis
Scrophularia auriculata to Stapelia variegata Brown flowers, Scrophularia auriculata to Brown flowers, Stapelia variegata
Dark blue flowers
Echium vulgare to Salvia pratensis Dark blue flowers, Echium vulgare to Dark blue flowers, Salvia pratensis
Dark flowers
Carex flacca to Plantago lanceolata Dark flowers, Carex flacca to Dark flowers, Plantago lanceolata
Dark purple flowers
Ballota nigra to Scilla autumnalis Dark purple flowers, Ballota nigra to Dark purple flowers, Scilla autumnalis
Green flowers
Acaena ovalifolia to Euphorbia amygdaloides Green flowers, Acaena ovalifolia to Green flowers, Euphorbia amygdaloides
Euphorbia helioscopia to Paris quadrifolia Green flowers, Euphorbia helioscopia to Green flowers, Paris quadrifolia
Platanthera bifolia to Viscum album Green flowers, Platanthera bifolia to Green flowers, Viscum album
Orange flowers
Atriplex littoralis to Vaccinium oxycoccos Orange flowers, Atriplex littoralis to Orange flowers, Vaccinium oxycoccos
Pale blue flowers
Agapanthus sp. to Limonium vulgare Pale blue flowers, Agapanthus sp. to Pale blue flowers, Limonium vulgare
Linaria repens to Symphytum x hidcotense Pale blue flowers, Linaria repens to Pale blue flowers, Symphytum x hidcotense
Symphytum x uplandicum to Wahlenbergia hederacea Pale blue flowers, Symphytum x uplandicum to Pale blue flowers, Wahlenbergia hederacea
Pale green flowers
Acer platanoides to Staphylea pinnata Pale green flowers, Acer platanoides to Pale green flowers, Staphylea pinnata
Pale yellow flowers
Ammi majus to Hydrangea quercifolia Pale yellow flowers, Ammi majus to Pale yellow flowers, Hydrangea quercifolia
Impatiens parviflora to Rubia peregrina Pale yellow flowers, Impatiens parviflora to Pale yellow flowers, Rubia peregrina
Ruscus aculeatus to Zantedeschia sp. Pale yellow flowers, Ruscus aculeatus to Pale yellow flowers, Zantedeschia sp.
Pink flowers
Agrostemma githago to Calluna vulgaris Pink flowers, Agrostemma githago to Pink flowers, Calluna vulgaris
Calystegia soldanella to Clematis cirrhosa Pink flowers, Calystegia soldanella to Pink flowers, Clematis cirrhosa
Clematis montana to Dierama igneum Pink flowers, Clematis montana to Pink flowers, Dierama igneum
Dierama latifolium to Frankenia laevis Pink flowers, Dierama latifolium to Pink flowers, Frankenia laevis
Fritillaria meleagris to Glaux maritima Pink flowers, Fritillaria meleagris to Pink flowers, Glaux maritima
Gymnadenia conopsea to Malva moschata Pink flowers, Gymnadenia conopsea to Pink flowers, Malva moschata
Mentha x piperita to Persicaria maculosa Pink flowers, Mentha x piperita to Pink flowers, Persicaria maculosa
Persicaria minor to Sanicula europaea Pink flowers, Persicaria minor to Pink flowers, Sanicula europaea
Saxifraga to Stachys palustris Pink flowers, Saxifraga to Pink flowers, Stachys palustris
Succisa pratensis to Viola odorata Pink flowers, Succisa pratensis to Pink flowers, Viola odorata
Purple flowers
Agrostemma githago to Cirsium dissectum Purple flowers, Agrostemma githago to Purple flowers, Cirsium dissectum
Cirsium heterophyllum to Euphrasia Purple flowers, Cirsium heterophyllum to Purple flowers, Euphrasia
Gentianella amarella to Lythrum salicaria Purple flowers, Gentianella amarella to Purple flowers, Lythrum salicaria
Malva sylvestris to Spergularia marina Purple flowers, Malva sylvestris to Purple flowers, Spergularia marina
Spergularia media to Viola riviniana Purple flowers, Spergularia media to Purple flowers, Viola riviniana
Red flowers
Abutilon megapotamicum to Geum rivale Red flowers, Abutilon megapotamicum to Red flowers, Geum rivale
Hypericum androsaemum to Schlumbergera bridgesii Red flowers, Hypericum androsaemum to Red flowers, Schlumbergera bridgesii
Sedum telephium to Vriesea sp. Red flowers, Sedum telephium to Red flowers, Vriesea sp.
White flowers
Abutilon vitifolium to Arabis caucasica White flowers, Abutilon vitifolium to White flowers, Arabis caucasica
Arabis hirsuta to Cerastium x maureri White flowers, Arabis hirsuta to White flowers, Cerastium x maureri
Ceratocapnos claviculata to Digitalis purpurea White flowers, Ceratocapnos claviculata to White flowers, Digitalis purpurea
Dipsacus pilosus to Galeopsis tetrahit White flowers, Dipsacus pilosus to White flowers, Galeopsis tetrahit
Galinsoga quadriradiata to Lilium candidum White flowers, Galinsoga quadriradiata to White flowers, Lilium candidum
Lilium formosanum to Moenchia erecta White flowers, Lilium formosanum to White flowers, Moenchia erecta
Montia fontana to Petasites fragrans White flowers, Montia fontana to White flowers, Petasites fragrans
Pieris japonica to Ranunculus trichophyllus White flowers, Pieris japonica to White flowers, Ranunculus trichophyllus
Raphanus raphanistrum to Sedum anglicum White flowers, Raphanus raphanistrum to White flowers, Sedum anglicum
Seseli libanotis to Thesium humifusum White flowers, Seseli libanotis to White flowers, Thesium humifusum
Torilis japonica to Zantedeschia sp. White flowers, Torilis japonica to White flowers, Zantedeschia sp.
Yellow flowers
Adoxa moschatellina to Buxus sempervirens Yellow flowers, Adoxa moschatellina to Yellow flowers, Buxus sempervirens
Caltha palustris to Erysimum cheiri Yellow flowers, Caltha palustris to Yellow flowers, Erysimum cheiri
Erythronium to Helianthemum nummularium Yellow flowers, Erythronium to Yellow flowers, Helianthemum nummularium
Helianthemum oelandicum to Hypochaeris maculata Yellow flowers, Helianthemum oelandicum to Yellow flowers, Hypochaeris maculata
Hypochaeris radicata to Lotus corniculatus Yellow flowers, Hypochaeris radicata to Yellow flowers, Lotus corniculatus
Lotus pedunculatus to Narcissus radiiflorus Yellow flowers, Lotus pedunculatus to Yellow flowers, Narcissus radiiflorus
Narthecium ossifragum to Pseudofumaria lutea Yellow flowers, Narthecium ossifragum to Yellow flowers, Pseudofumaria lutea
Pulicaria dysenterica to Sedum kamtschaticum Yellow flowers, Pulicaria dysenterica to Yellow flowers, Sedum kamtschaticum
Sedum rosea to Taraxacum Section Hamata Yellow flowers, Sedum rosea to Yellow flowers, Taraxacum Section Hamata
Tephroseris integrifolia to Vriesea sp. Yellow flowers, Tephroseris integrifolia to Yellow flowers, Vriesea sp.